Welcome to the WPGA!

The Women's Peninsula Golf Association is an organization of women who like to golf.

Our organization was founded March 9, 1954.  Our objective is to promote and regulate golfing activities for members having an eighteen hole certified USGA Handicap Index in a participating club of the DelMarVa Peninsula.

The Women’s Peninsula Golf Association (WPGA) was founded in 1954 to promote golf for women on the DelMarVa peninsula.  The WPGA promotes and regulates golfing activities for members having an 18-hole certified USGA handicap index in a participating club.

Benefits of membership include
            ~ participation in Team Matches each spring among member clubs
            ~ competition in invitational tournaments scheduled at member clubs
            ~ championship and senior championship tournaments
            ~ opportunity to play golf for cart fee only at member clubs on specified open days.

Member clubs must have an 18-hold ladies’ group, agree to provide open days (at least one/month, April-October), host an event once every 2-3 years, and provide officers to the Board on a rotating basis.

 Fees to join WPGA:  $30/club fee and $15 per individual member.

 We welcome all clubs on the peninsula to join the WPGA.


For more information, go to our contact page, or visit the Club Member page for contact information and a list of participating clubs.

General Information 

Constitution and By Laws    

Rules and Regulations

WPGA Handicap Information

Golfers are required to post ALL scores (including 18 holers who only play 9 holes).  Computer handicap programs are set up to combine that 9 holes with the next 9 holes you post, even if it's the same 9 holes.  Anyone who plays at least 13 holes must post an 18 hole score; anyone who plays 7-12 holes must post a 9 hole score.  Scores for unplayed holes must be recorded as par plus any handicap strokes that the player is entitled to receive on the unplayed holes.  This includes holes on which you "picked up" to speed up play or because your partner has already won the hole.

The score of each player who competes in a WPGA team match must be posted prior to the next team match to maintain eligibility. Team match scores should be posted as tournament rounds (T).

If you have a tournament you would like posted or an event entry form, please send the information and the event attachment to the contact link on this web site.